Introduction to Security and Compliance in the Cloud Series

I have recently begun recording a podcast with one of my friends/co-workers called :

On the SPOT – The SPeed Of Technology podcast

We published the latest edition yesterday. 🙂 Below is the synopsis of the cast. Hope you enjoy it!

In today’s On the SPOT News Brief, Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke introduce a new series of upcoming episodes around Security and Compliance in the Cloud. We know the cloud offers the combined resources and finances of hundreds of thousands of organizations, but why does that give it a chance to be more secure than your on premises infrastructure? And what considerations do you need to keep in mind when you plan your move? In the coming weeks we will dig into each of the topics discussed today.


Cloud Workloads at Risk [Beta News]

Security, Management, and Compliance Challenges are Impacting Cloud Benefits [Help Net Security]

  • An average 50 percent of their infrastructure on cloud systems.
  • 58 percent say security is their top concern, followed by protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access (55 percent) and the increased complexity of infrastructure (44 percent).
  • Only 39 percent consider themselves ultimately responsible for the compliance of data stored on cloud services
  • A worrying 20 percent believe it’s solely the responsibility of the cloud service provider.
  • Only 25 percent of respondents have automated tools in place to ensure compliance rules are not broken.
  • 39% reported their infrastructure was more complex since using the cloud, and 53% spend more time on management tasks than they have done previously

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